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THE GLOBAL ECONOMY Donald Trump has proposed to reduce taxes, increase spending on infrastructure and defence, reduce regulation (notably in the financial sector) and shrink government. Examine the extent to which the circular flow of income model can help explain the likely impact of these measures. The answer must be 1500 words in length (excluding references) and may be subject to electronic checking for plagiarism. They must be written in your own words (except for quotations), be properly referenced and conform to an essay structure. That is, they must have an introduction stating the scope of the answer, paragraphs that focus on specific building blocks of the answer, and a conclusion that is based on the content of the answer and directly relates back to the subject of the answer. It must be written as a continuous discussion with no sub-headings or bullet points. The discussion must be supported by examples and references cited in the text. A list of references must be provided at the end, which must cite predominantly book/journal articles and authoritative sources. As is normal practice in the Business School, all work is likely to be checked through Turnitin and anyone found to have plagiarised material is likely to fail the module and may be subject to other disciplinary procedures.

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