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Task: The research project consists of three phases: 1. Research proposal; 2. Data collection and analysis; and 3. The final research report. The assessment for the research project is broken down into two parts. Assessment 1 is a brief research proposal and Assessment 2 is the full research report including findings of the data collection and analysis. The assessment is to be undertaken in teams of three (or four) students. Assessment 1: Brief Proposal Identify a research project relevant to your field of study. Your project could include the topic covered in your BMO6630 Business Research Methods assessment. You should brainstorm ideas with your research team and discuss these with your workshop leader. In a research report, the early sections of the report contain background information on the organisation, the industry and relevant information relevant to the research (question/objectives) at hand. A literature review is also undertaken to understand the key constructs (i.e., theory) that should be examined which is relevant to the topic and guides the direction of your research. For example, if your research objective was to (a) investigate what level of knowledge exists in the general community about diabetes; (b) to examine the information needs of individuals; and (c) to understand how and where people currently get information about Diabetes, then your literature review for your research would include: 1. How people acquire information about health and wellbeing (e.g., construct – information search) 2. What is the role of education and information in healthy living (e.g., construct – health education or something more specific) In writing a literature review, start by finding general articles and then move to articles, which provide more specific and detailed information on the constructs under investigation. For example, using the example above you may start by finding articles on ‘information search’ and ‘health’ the then more specifically about Diabetes. The literature review provides the context for your research and will take into account the broader issues relating to your topic. Assessment Requirements: Assessment 1 requires the research team to prepare a report that includes: 1. Introduction that provides background information on the topic 2. The research question/research objectives 3. A literature review, incorporating the relevant literature on the topic and identifying key constructs, with several (approx. 3) appropriate research questions, hypotheses or propositions. Your team is required to: 1. Present your project to a panel comprising representatives drawn from Industry and/or the College of Business academic staff. Your seminar facilitator will be present. 2. Participate in a question and answer session with your panel. Your team's presentation will be a maximum of 15 minutes. The Question and Answer discussion will be a minimum of 5 minutes. The Panel presentation begins with a summary presentation of your project to the academic or industry panel. This presentation runs for 15 minutes. You can use PowerPoint and/or handouts. Whatever you choose to use, and however you choose to get the message across in this presentation it is essential to consider the following points: 1. Determine the needs of your audience (what is their level of knowledge about the topic and why should they listen to your presentation). 2. What are you trying to achieve in the presentation? 3. What role each team member takes in the presentation (presentation objectives)? 4. Plan what you need to do to achieve a convincing, inspiring, and excellent professional presentation. 5. If you use slides design them carefully. Make sure they are not too ‘busy’ and don’t contain too much text. Statistical tables should be easy to read. 6. Be conscious of the quality of any printed documents you give the panel. 7. Dress appropriately for a professional presentation. The second part of the Industry Panel Presentation is a question and answer session with the industry panel where you will have the opportunity to discuss your project IN DETAIL. In preparing for this session you need to be aware that: 1. All team members will be required to understand all aspects of the project. 2. You will be able to provide additional supporting materials to the Panel to support both your presentation and your team responses to questions 3. Your capacity to respond to questions, to respond to criticism, and to substantiate your claims with evidence will be evaluated and forms an integral part of the assessment. Please Note: All team members must participate in the Panel Presentation in some capacity. For example, if a team member has not participated in the presentation they must take on a major role in the question and answer session.

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