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PART A - Assessing Organisational Compliance 

All businesses are required to demonstrate their compliance with environmental laws,regulations and Australian standards.


Student assessment instruction 

Using the ACT environmental Act, regulations and Australian standard (all are located on eLearn in the additional resources area) you are to compare these requirements to what is currently being demonstrated in your workplace. 

Based on the outcome of your comparison, you are to determine and write about whether or not your workplace is currently compliant. Examples of documents and practices you may include, but not limited to, in your review are: 

  • environmental workplace policies and procedures 
  • current environmental practices in the workplace 
  • recycling of waste including waste water 
  • training of staff, e.t.c. 

PART B –Questions in relation to researching and analysing information 

Students are required to respond to the questions below prior to commencing the research activity 


Q1. Prior to commencing any type of research, it is critical to know and understand what the objectives are to ensure the desired outcomes and information are achieved. 

  • List TWO methods of accurately determining the objectives for completing this research activity for your business. (One of the objectives is not to complete the assessment)

Q2. When conducting the research, it is important to ensure that the sources of information you are using are accurate and from reputable sources. 

  • How can you assess the reliability of the sources and information they are providing?

Q3. There are different research strategies that can be used when sourcing information. 

  • Name the research strategy/ies you are using for this project 
  • Explain why it/they are the most relevant for you to achieve your final objective 

Q4. When you have collected the data and information, you need to ensure that it is stored correctly ensuring the workplace’s security and privacy practices are followed

ensuring the workplace s security and privacy practices are followed. 

  • Where and how would you store the information? 
  • Would you restrict access to it and if so who would you allow to see the information? 

Q5. Once collected, the information and data needs to be analysed to ensure the content you are looking for and the objective of the research has been fulfilled.

  • When you are analysing the collected information, how will you determine and prioritise the detail that best meets your objective/s? 

Q6. When analysing the outcomes of our research , it is important to ensure that the assusmptions and conclusions you have arrived at are clear and justified.

  • How can you ensure that this occurs?

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