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Report Writing Assignment:

Task: Assessment 1: Business and Industry Research Project Research the industry and the business that you are going to go to for your industry placement. Provide as much information about the business as you can, imagining that you are applying for a job with them. Where possible research people within the organisation to determine their background, interests, achievements and connections. All of this information may be useful to you once you arrive at the placement. Search the media to discover any events, incidences, controversies and any other positive or negative press regarding the business, their competitors, employees, associates, products, services and the industry. Prepare a 1,000-word report on your research with appendices and sources of information. Do not simply regurgitate the articles and data. You need to analyse and interpret the information and present it in a professional, succinct and informative manner. Do not speculate! Consider the integrity of the source of the information and the relevance of the information for your purpose. Students will not be permitted to start their placement until the assessment is submitted and is deemed satisfactory by the course coordinator.

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