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Assignment Task :

Task to be undertaken:
Read the following instructions carefully in order to complete this
part of the assessment for this course.
Select one of the following three tasks for your assignment:

Task 1

Jess is 26 years old female and was diagnosed with schizophrenia at the age of 20. She has a past history of accidental injury due to acting on delusional beliefs, hospitalisations for excessive use of alcohol and cannibis since teenage years. She has been able to successfully live with parents with support from NDIS disability workers and a local GP practice in the last 12 months. Her family history was significant for schizophrenia. Jess reported abusive behaviour by her
grandmother, who was her primary caretaker as a child.

Assignment question
Examine and critically analyse three theories of the aetiology of schizophrenia relating to Jess, and implications for mental health nursing practice.


Task 2

Saif is a 29 year old Iraqi female refugee resettled in Melbourne three years ago, who presented with symptoms of depression in the last three months. Saif is a stay at home mother. She picks up the children from the local school in the afternoon and she is breastfeeding her youngest child who is 3 months old. Saif described that she felt sad “all the time”, had trouble sleeping which often took her several hours to fall asleep, that some nights she could not fall asleep at all.
Saif stated that she spent time at night “thinking” and “worrying” that she is not a good mother. She reported that she has hard time adjusting to the new environment due to language barrier and would be nice to run away from her problems.

There are many aspects to be considered in the treatment of depression. Critically discuss the principles which govern the treatment choices of Saif’s depression, and mental health nurses’ role in supporting her recovery.

Task 3
Assignment question

The DSM-5 was released in May of 2013 and includes a wide variety of changes and modifications to the way in which we diagnose mental illness. Choose any three of these significant changes and critically discuss the impact this will have for both mental health clinicians and well as mental health care consumers.


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