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Competency-based assessment: Evidence will be gathered which is mapped to the requirements of the unit of competency. 

The link between the unit and assessment tools can be found in the Assessment Outline & Mapping document. 


Assessment Scenario 

All assessment is based on simulated businesses.  Unless otherwise specified, for each assessment item you will be working as an Accounts Assistant for a small bookkeeping firm. In your role as an Accounts Assistant, you are required to: 


1. Build and maintain professional relationships 

2. Demonstrate knowledge of accounting processes 

3. Follow legislative requirements 

4. Liaise with clients 

5. Develop bookkeeping policies and processes 

6. Maintain own competence 


Assessment Items 

To successfully complete this assessment, you are required to complete and submit the following: Registered Nurse Early Graduate Program -


1. Part A Short Answer Questions relating to: 

  • Bookkeepers duties and responsibilities 
  • Legislative requirements and codes of practice 
  • Professional development 
  • Ethics
  • Problem solving 
  • Client services 

2. Part B Activities, relating to: 

  • Developing bookkeeping policies and procedures 
  • Developing professional development plan 
  • Expectations of a bookkeeper 
  • Client and customer service 
  • Ethics

3. Part C Role play, relating to: 

Instructions to Student 


Each assessment item will include instructions on how to complete and submit the assessment 

Submit completed assessment items to your trainer by the agreed date. 

All assessment items submitted must include: student name; unit code/name; 

All assessment items submitted must be word processed, unless otherwise stated, and clearly labelled and identify question, printout or task number 

Clarify any questions regarding this assessment with your trainer 



  • Access to internet 
  • Access to business equipment and technology 
  • Refer to your course materials to assist you in completion of all assessment items 


  • Assessment will take place during class time and in your own time as required 
  • No marks or grades are allocated for the assessment. The task will be assessed as Satisfactory or Not Satisfactory
  • Students will be assessed according to the criteria listed in the Marking Summary_Completion Record.  

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