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Formal and informal legal systems and anti-trust laws. Learners should also evaluate the development of social economy in the context of your chosen organization’s industry [5 Marks]5. Conclusions and Recommendations: You should summarise the main findings, including their implications, and provide recommendations that directly relate to this analysis. [10 Marks]6. References: You should use the Harvard Referencing System (HRS) correctly throughout in your report. [5 Marks]Task 2 (Mini report, 25 marks) – Minimum 1000 wordsCase study: - ‘Drivers of change’The World Economic Forum is an International Organization for public-private cooperation and engages the foremost political, business and other leaders of society to shape global, regional and industry agendas. The World Economic Forum has recently published ‘The future of jobs report’ and a part of the report is titled ‘Drivers of Change’. The part titled ‘Drivers of Change’ is available at: - http://reports.weforum.org/future-of-jobs2016/drivers-of-change/‘Drivers of Change’ mainly outlines the technological, demographic and Socioeconomic trends affecting business models along with the industry and country level changes and the expected timeframes to impact industries and business models. Table 2 in the ‘Drivers of change’ represents the ‘significance, timeframe and definition of drivers of change’1. Learners are asked to analyse the ‘Significance, Timeframe and definition of drivers of change’ in the context of the organization chosen for Task 1. Guidelines for answering this task is as follows: -• Learners should clearly establish the Significance, Timeframe and definition of drivers of change with regard to the organization chosen for task 1• Learners are requested to develop a ‘mini report’ for this answer.• There is no specific structure as such for the ‘mini-report’, any structure can be followed and the learners are encouraged to be creative and proactive to make the ‘mini-report’ academically relevant 


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