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Report Writing Assignment:

Task: Each student has to submit, via my.wbs, an individual report relating to one of the topics listed below. Its total length (excluding references, tables, figures and appendices) should not exceed 1,500 words. The word count needs to be stated at the end of the report. Reports exceeding the word count will not be marked. Students may discuss any aspect of their coursework with Noni Symeonidou at timetabled sessions or via appointments arranged via email. Select one topic from the four topics listed below: 1. What are the characteristics of an entrepreneurial mindset? How might such a mindset be developed? Support your answers with course concepts and theory. 2. Many new ventures are founded by entrepreneurial teams. Critically evaluate the arguments for and against entrepreneurial teams. 3. What is a business model and why should entrepreneurs develop one? Employing the business model concept, and drawing on relevant examples, please explain how business modelling can be used to investigate different ways a venture can create and capture value. 4. What are the main challenges that new ventures face when seeking to manage the growth process? Please explain how these challenges play out with reference to a relevant case example(s).

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