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Increase muscular strength and size to look better and to assist him with improving sports performance as he is a footballer. Current Eating & Exercise 

Habits (Example 24 hours) 

Usually a high protein breakfast at about 7am including 2 egg whites, 2 slices white toast and a protein shake

Mid-morning snack at about 11am (usually another protein shake)

Lunch is usually a chicken breast with broccoli or 2 cans of tuna and a handful of brown rice

Afternoon snack of peanut butter sandwich on white bread (around 3:30pm)

 Dinner at about 7pm includes red meat or chicken & mixed vegetables 

(4 – 5 times per week), or pasta with Bolognese sauce 

Drinks 2-3 glasses water throughout the day

 Perform weight training 3 times per week with long distance running sessions 2 times per week Attitudes Towards Eating 

Likes food but is too lazy to organise any food for himself in advance and will often choose the quickest thing available 

Is heavily influenced by the media, advertising and his friends about eating foods to help bulk up and improve how he feels about his appearance. 

Takes different supplements sporadically and is influenced by media and friends and wants your advice on which supplements to take. 


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