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Assignment Task:

Module Learning Outcomes  

The following LOs are achieved by the student by completing the assignment successfully  

MLO 6: Research/Independent work /Self-study: Carry out a guided research about an electro technology related topic using improved attitudes towards development of research skills. 

Assignment Objective  

This is a Project-Based Learning task which aims to  

(1) Design and construct a working model of control circuits for different applications in marine  industries. 

(2) Demonstrate a greater degree of generic skills (e.g. teamwork, communication, critical thinking,  leadership, Time management, decision making) and personal attributes (e.g. respect for others, work  ethic) which forms a basic part of the process industry.  

Assignment Tasks:  

Select anyone mini project title given below and submit the report and the presentation as per  the below format. 

• Adjustable Timer Circuit Diagram with Relay Output 

• Automatic Washroom Light Switch 

• Automatic Doorbell with Object Detection 

• Over-Heating Indicator for Water Pipe 

• Water Pump Controller 

• High and Low Voltage Cutoff with Delay and Alarm

Format of the report: (Report should be between 20-25 pages) 

a) Objective of the mini project 

b) Circuit diagram 

c) Function of the components. 

d) Hardware model- (if possible) 

e) Results and discussion 

f) Conclusion. 

Format of the Presentation:(Presentation should be for 10 minutes and viva will be for 5 minutes) 

Slide 1 – Title Slide 

Slide 2 – Objective of the Project 

Slide 3- Circuit Diagram  

Slide 4 – Slide 7– Description of the Circuit 

Slide 8- Slide 10- Hardware model Demonstration 

Slide 11 – Slides 12-Results and Discussion  

Slide 13- Conclusion 

 Slide 14- References 

General Instructions:  

• The project duration is for 6 Weeks. 

• Work in a group of five. 

• You can search reference books (as mentioned in your module outline), your handouts provided  by the instructor, websites, guidance from teachers, your family members for your support. • Students must do the assignment individually  

• Assignment documentation/report should be typed.  

• Handwritten assignments will not be accepted  

• Plagiarism is not allowed. Your similarity must be less than 25%. Provide suitable citation   and references wherever is applicable to your report. 

• This project will be assessed as per the marking criteria. 

Rules & Regulations:  

• All resources should be cited using CU Harvard style.  

• The final assignment must have a front page, Table of Contents, References/ bibliography  using CU Harvard Style and page numbers. Page number 

• Title Page must have Assignment Name, Module name, Session, your name, ID, and the name of the faculty.  

• Attach the Academic Integrity form of IMCO as the second page.  

• Assignment submitted after the due date will not be considered for evaluation.  


The project must be computer typed.  

  • Font - Times New Roman  
  • Font – Style - Regular  
  • Font - Size - 12  
  • Line Spacing- 1.5 lines  
  • Heading should be with Font Size 14, Bold 
  • Top Margin: 1 inch 
  • Bottom Margin: 1 inch 
  • Left Margin: 1.5 inch 
  • Right Margin: 1 inch. 
  • Figures Should be named at the bottom of the diagram. 
  • Titles should be named at the top of the table.


Please sign to confirm that you have read and accepted the following statements. Your assessment will not be accepted without this signed  declaration. (See the Student Handbook for IMCO’s policy on Academic Integrity and Plagiarism before you sign)  

1. I confirm that I have read and fully understood IMCO’s policy on Academic Integrity, including practices  that may lead to committing plagiarism and which I must avoid.  

2. I confirm that in the attached assessment I have not presented or attempted to present anyone else’s work as  my own, except where I have indicated. I confirm that I understand that doing so would mean I had  committed plagiarism.  

3. I confirm that I understand that, if I fail to comply with IMCO’s policy on Academic Integrity, IMCO will  impose penalties which may in the most serious of cases result in termination of my studies at IMCO. I  confirm that I understand that if I am judged guilty of plagiarism, I will receive a score of zero and the other  penalties indicated under IMCO’s policy on Academic Integrity in the Student’s Handbook will apply.  

4. I agree to IMCO submitting my work to Turn-it-in or using any other source to verify whether my work  contains plagiarized material.  

Marking Criteria for Mini Project:

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